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if just one day...that every human being had the courage to show the world all of their inner goodness and beauty, regardless of the perceived effects. What would society look like? If not while on Earth, what are we waiting for?"

-Cheri Lutton

Celebrating the Centered Qualities of Humanity

CCQH, Inc. is a multimedia publishing and production company, which is dedicated to advancing a legacy in leadership by celebrating the centerered qualities of humanity for famous and private indivudals alike. By celebrating centered qualitities such as courage, compassion, wit, and wisdom, which define character and develop leadership for all humanity, CCQH serves in making the world a better place for all. Cheri Lutton is the visionary for the company, and its CEO & Founder.

The multimedia divisions of CCQH, Inc. include the following:

CCQH Publishing Group International                                CCQH Event Group International

CCQH Music Group International                                         CCQH Internet Group International

CCQH Merchandise Group International                            CCQH Alliance Group International

CCQH Television Group International                                 CCQH Licensing Group International

CCQH, Inc. has a charitable-giving model within each of its divisions, and has donated portions of its profits to Mercy Corps, PSI World, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Touch-ability Project, Learning Trust International, and other organizations. There are plans to create a Cheri & Steve Lutton Family Leadership Foundation in future years.

The CCQH Leadership Club™ is a membership service of the CCQH Internet Group International, which provides a rich resource of content, networking, and entertainment on balancing a lifestyle of leadership with famous and private individuals alike. Lifestyle areas include Spirit & Passion, Mind & Purpose, Body & Power, Family & Plan, Work & Productivity, and Society & Profitability. Leaders of all lifestyle areas are welcome to join the club at Corporate sponsors are also welcome.

Other multimedia brands involved within CCQH, Inc.include: 1. CCQH® Gifts-that-Inspire, which includes a host of inspirational goods, services, cards, and quotations, 2. Steve's Creations - from Soil to Skillet, which offers gardening and cooking tips and anecdotes from host Steve Lutton, 3. Mirrors of Love®, which inspires leadership through profiles, interviews, and prose in books, music, cards, television, online videos, and events, "reflecting the best within each of us by honoring a human rose in bloom." 

MIRRORS of Love–In Acts of COURAGE, the first of the Mirrors of Love® series, is a book and lyrics borne of Cheri Lutton's compassion for all humanity, and designed to provide much needed positive and inspirational profiles in this time of worldwide tension. Cheri spent years planning and writing Mirrors of Love®, and gained respect and admiration from well-known people around the world in the process. A Mirrors of Love® music CD is also available, introducing Cheri’s daughter, Crystal Lutton, as a gifted young vocalist.. Cheri can also be seen on series of DVD collections of the award-winning television show, "Mirrors of Love with Cheri Lutton", and the Mirrors of Love Leadership events.

Additionally, CCQH Merchandise Group International represents a variety of likeminded brands of leadership goods and services, which can be purchased on,, or


Donations are not tax-exempt, yet, will help support the growth of this leadership development company.



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