Founder and Family

The Luttons

"Ode to the nest, where nature
seeks to soften life's beginnings
and nurture, protect, and share
the common bond of family.

"Serving as the safe haven for
our weary wings to rest; this is
the launching pad from which we
learn to fly and, then, soar through
our human journey at becoming
our best." -Cheri Lutton

Founded by Cheri Lutton in 2002, CCQH is dedicated to celebrating the centered qualities of humanity such as courage, compassion, creativity, integrity, wit, and all other attributes of character and leadership development. CCQH operates a publishing and multimedia production firm in accomplishing its mission. Current products include its own Mirrors of Love brand line of books, fresh roses, corporate and personal gifts, gift baskets, calendars, inspirational greeting and note cards, music, multimedia events, and and content and recognition sites on leadership.

A local television show, "Mirrors of Love With Cheri Lutton", is now on air, which includes a home and gardening segment, Steve's Creations—From Soil to Skillet. Plans are to develop this show into a syndicated program. Digital videos of each show will be available to order on the shopping link. The company is interested in developing international products, conferences, and multimedia events through the literary and performing arts that inspire leadership and “honor a human rose in bloom.” The privately held corporation is owned and directed by the Lutton family and is based in Colorado. Cheri and Steve are parents to Crystal, 17, and Steven, 10 and enjoy their family life in Boulder.


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