"The measure of a great person is marked
from  the inside and knows no boundaries
from the outside.

"Great human beings remain in a
constant state of humility and
gratitude, which perpetuates their
cycle of success.

"True character in a human being far
the pleasantry of personality.
Inner beauty will always outshine outer beauty.

"Over the years, we begin to
appreciate the leaders in life
that bring out the Inner beauty within us all."

-Cheri Lutton

"Courage is stepping out into the unknown for the unknown
with sheer intent to contribute yourself to the greater
cause of life ... regardless of the risk.

"Join me now in celebration of the centered qualities of
humanity through Mirrors of Love. The Hall of Recognition
serves to honor the human rose in bloom."

Cheri Lutton



We are soliciting donations to help with putting on
events and to cover the expenses of running an organization to
help promote courage in leadership.


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