MIRRORS of Love – In Acts of COURAGE

ISBN 0-9716449-3-4 Soft Cover
Published by Word Alive Press and CCQH, Inc.
Release Date: January, 2003
Soft Cover, 450 pages
$24.99 USD

Partial Proceeds donated to MERCY CORPS

Mirrors of Love – In Acts of Courage rivets the soul and unleashes a thirst for greatness in anyone desiring to become a leader. A virtual roadmap exploring the very essence of courage from all aspects of life – spirit, mind, body, family, work, and society – it propels readers toward their true purpose.

A pioneer in its genre, Mirrors of Love . . . reflecting the best within each of us by honoring a human rose in bloom . . . is the first in a leadership series that profiles thirty individuals – famous and private – for their diverse acts of goodness. Cheri Lutton has the heart, appetite, and skill to brilliantly weave an entertaining, yet, provocative look at the beauty and potential within all human beings.

“It is an honor to be a part of this book. Cheri has a way of getting to the heart.”
Rachael Lampa
Top Christian Teen Vocalist

“Everyone wants more courage, and by reading this book, your courage will expand instantly and dramatically.”
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Creator, # 1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Cheri Lutton serves up an impressive roster of heroes who inspire by their courage …”
Dan O’Neill
President, Mercy Corps

“Ms. Lutton has written a book that you will not only enjoy reading, but it will help you realize that courage exists in people from all backgrounds. By reading of the courage of others, it will help each of us to use courage in our life on a daily basis.”
Don M. Green
Executive Director, Napoleon Hill Foundation
Home of the bestselling Think and Grow Rich
Press Contact: Cheri Lutton (303) 828-9261



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