Courage Is Contagious
Reflections of Love Enhance Lives and develop leadership

(Lafayette, CO) — Acts of courage are contagious. They make better the lives of the people who are courageous as well as the people fortunate enough to witness their acts. They spread joy and spur inspiration.
We’re not just talking about giant acts like running into a burning building to rescue a dog or dashing in front of a car to pull a child from danger. We’re talking about little, everyday acts of courage.

5 Everyday Acts Include the Courage to:
È Embrace humanity
È Trust your inner voice
È Dare beyond belief
È Be honest
È Resolve life’s adversity

The list is endless, as are the number of people who live their lives courageously.

“ Courage and creativity allow us to organize our thoughts to serve our lives. We can call on our senses to keep us in harmony with the environment as we engage in the moment,” shares Cheri Lutton, author of Mirrors of Love in Acts of Courage. “Studying the lives of successful individuals is an excellent way to learn how to be courageous. Seeking help and finding role models to emulate are courageous acts of honesty in and of themselves.”

Cheri biographies numerous role models who show what courage is and how each of us can choose the path of love. She explores courage in six areas of life: spirit, mind, body, family, work, and society and offers immediate tools for life success that will empower anyone to tap into their own courage and leadership.
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1. How did you decide on who to profile for each section? For example, President John F. Kennedy for “Courage to Envision and Execute?”
2. You say true character far out-weights the pleasantry of personality. How does CHARACTER differ from PERSONALITY?
3. How does sharing other people’s stories create a bridge for other people to “join in”?
4. How do you continue HONORING the courage in others?
5. What’s the motivation behind the “Mirrors of Love” event coming up May 14-15, 2004, featuring Doug Wead, Larry Wilson?
Mirroring the Light of Others to Spread Courage

Cheri Lutton, a multidimensional visionary, has earned degrees in theatre and nursing, and an MBA in marketing. With careers as a leader in neonatal clinical research, international marketing, and now as founder of CCQH, Inc., Cheri has launched her visions as an author, lyricist, speaker, media host, thinker, and marketing executive for the Mirrors of Love multimedia series.

“ A fascinating journey into the heart and mind of courageous living. A balanced look at courage in all aspects of life, I was touched by her profiles on Mother Teresa to Secretary Powell. Essential for anyone desiring to be a great leader!” —Doug Wead, and bestselling author of All the Presidents children former special assistant to the president in the Bush White House

“Cheri Lutton has bountifully written a book of powerful profiles and interviews that gets directly into the heads and hearts of the few people who make things happen. For anyone who is up for taking a bigger bite out of life, this book will provide the inspiration, direction, and insights that will make the reader salivate to make new and wonderful things happen in their own lives.”
— Larry Wilson, bestselling author of Play to Win and coauthor of One Minute Sales Person

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