Critical Acclaim

“ ... a fascinating journey into the heart and mind of courageous living. Cheri Lutton has been able to beautifully weave wit and wisdom with leadership and humanity. The perfect read for anyone who loves people and essential for anyone desiring to be a great leader!”
-Doug Wead, former special assistant, Bush White House

“Everyone wants more courage and by reading this book, your courage will expand instantly and dramatically.”
-Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“ Cheri Lutton serves up an impressive roster of heroes who inspire by their courage and examples, making a positive difference in our world.”
-Dan O'Neill, President, MercyCorps

“Cheri has a way of getting to the heart . . .”
-Rachael Lampa, Top Christian Teen Vocalist

“. . . By reading of the courage of others, it will help each of us to use courage in our daily basis.”
-Don Green, Executive Director, The Napoleon Hill Foundation

“Ms. Lutton captures the essence of what is inspiring and significant about Diana's [Princess of Wales] example with a view, not looking back in nostalgia, but learning from her exanple and trying to carry it forward in our own lives.”
-Dr. Andrew Purkis, Chief Executive, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

"There's a small group of people who make things happen, and a little larger group of people who watch things happening. Then, there are the unfortunate majority of people who never noticed that anything was happening. Cheri Lutton has bountifully written a book of powerful profiles and interviews that gets directly into the heads and hearts of that first group. For anyone who is up for taking a bigger bite out of life, Mirrors of Love will provide the inspiration, direction, and insights that will make its audience salivate to make new and wonderful things happen in their own life. Experience Mirrors of Love and reap the rewards that are yours for the taking!"
- Larry Wilson, author, Play To Win, co-author, One Minute Salesperson, and founder, Wilson Learning Corporation,



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