“These centered qualities such as compassion, courage, integrity, wit, and wisdom when put to action not only serve in building human character, but also in making the world a better place for all. CCQH is dedicated to building a reference series of leadership models, affirming these qualities.”

"For what more can I offer than to honor my fellow man? What individual does not like to be valued and recognized for his or her ordinary acts of goodness and inner beauty.? Who does not enjoy the inner warmth that radiates with a bright glow once a human being's spiritual light has been ignited?

"In our unwavering quest for excellence, we must savor the joys, which spring forth from our daily lives, and admire ourselves for our blessings, while being gentle with our errors."

—Cheri Lutton

CCQH plans to spur others around the world to join in a universal quest to honor individuals—famous and private—in all aspects of life, celebrating the centered qualities of humanity, thereby, advancing a legacy in leadership. We hope to attract writers, singers, artists, alliances, sponsors and patrons to join CCQH in collaboration as we move forward, bringing the good news of leadership to the rest of the world.


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